9'4 Noserider


9'4 x 22.75'' x 3.0'' - 78L

Designed by the legendary shaper Darrell «Rooster» Dell, the 9’4 Noserider is focused on a more traditional nose riding, old-school style of longboarding. Particularly suited for mid to heavy weight riders the 9’4 has good volume for easy take-offs and stable nose rider, and shape characteristics favouring good speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions. A versatile board, great for cruising the waves.

- Exclusive ACE-TEC Technology for an ideal blend of performance, lightweight and durability.
- 30% stronger than traditional PU surfboards for enhanced product lifetime.
- 100% Made in France to ensure quality of both products & working conditions.
- Proven longboard shapes by Gerard DABBADIE and Darrel DELL, approved by top riders.
- Traditional longboard EasyTrans graphics.
- FCS fins come standard with these boards.