7'0 G-Board EVO Surfboard


Expected delivery date is 1st Sep 2020

 • 7’0 : ≤ 145 lbs / 65kg


To meet the needs of particularly surf clubs and schools, or learners and families looking for the safest possible start to surfing, the G-Boards EVO Surfboard range of soft boards focuses on several clear performance criteria :

- Short and wide surfboards, with good volume and a relatively flat deck, offer the most stable platform for your first take offs.
- Proven rocker lines, rail shapes and surfboard outlines surf great when you start to progress.
- The core of the surfboard is made from a high quality blank of closed-cell, fully watertight foam, unique to G-Boards.
- A composite stringer gives the board good stiffness along its length, and the «Slick Skin» bottom gives the board excellent glide, cushioning bumps and offering impressive knock-resistance.
- A laminated foam non-skid deck is comfortable to paddle, take-off and stand-up on.
- The flexible soft fins are very safe, yet still offer suitable surfing performance and durability for learning.