7'6 Mini-Noserider Surfboard (aztec)


7'6 x 22.25'' x 2.90'' - 62L

The new DURA-TEC 7'6 Mini-Noserider Surfboard is perfect for enjoying the fun nose-riding capability of a longboard, while still being as manoeuvrable as an EGG surfboard.
Shaped by the legend Gérard Dabbadie from Hossegor, France, this surfboard features a wide nose section, tight rocker profile and concave, and a bevelled hull design for easy nose riding; combined with a wide rear section and pronounced V-Shape on the bottom giving the surfboard excellent handling in radical turns and tight carves on the face of the wave. With almost the same volume as a genuine long-board,
the surfboard is accessible for all skill levels.

- Exclusive DURA-TEC construction for extreme durability, excellent value for money and worry-free reliability.
- 100% Made in France = consistency and quality proven shapes by Gerard DABBADIE and Peter PAN for riders of all sizes.
- Built-in nose guard to enhance product lifetime.
- T3+ reinforced graphics for a great look.
- Standard FCS fins come standard with every surfboard. 
- Sustainable manufacturing facility and healthy working conditions.