Soft Surfboards (SIC Maui)

Soft Surfboards (SIC Maui)

The all-new SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is stepping up the game with its Vortex™ construction fusing the highest quality soft board technology with composite stringers and lightweight core materials to create fun and yet high-performance surfboards.

A key differentiating factor and core performance characteristic of the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard is its Dullies™ (dual glassed reinforced composite rail stringers).

This gives the SIC Darkhorse Surfboard its unique stiffness without sacrificing its lively feel and pop!



1- Vortex - Vectra PLY reinforced polyethylene backed with xpe foam top & bottom & a full fiberglass wrap
2- Dullies - Double glass reinforced stringers
3- Lightweight moulded EPS core
4- Eva rail wrap
5- Kick tail pad
6- FCS compatible fin boxes
7- Leash plug