7'6 Carver Surfboard


7'6 x 21.4'' x 2.75 - 51L

Combining that elusive blend of versatility and performance with unbeatable durability, the 7'6 Carver Surfboard lives up to its name! Possessing the stability and ease of a longboard with integral design elements of a quick-turning shortboard, the 7'6 Carver Surfboard offers you the chance to pump up your surfing technique while decreasing your surfboard length. Able to embrace a wide range of wave conditions, it offers heaps of fun and a versatile ride through its tested, refined and proven shape.

- Exclusive ACE-TEC Technology for an ideal blend of performance, lightweight and durability.
- 30% stronger than traditional PU surfboards for enhanced product lifetime.
- 100% Made in France to ensure quality of both products & working conditions.
- Proven longboard shapes by Gerard DABBADIE and Darrel DELL, approved by top riders.
- Traditional longboard EasyTrans graphics.
- FCS fins come standard with these surfboards.